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Academy of Neuro Optometry.


The intention of the Academy of Neuro Optometry is, that many, and preferably all optometrists offering vision therapy, will enroll in some form of educational program covering this particular field of Optometry, and eventually resulting in a formal examination. The basic training for optometrists is very limited in this part of our profession, so in passing this examination you will ensure yourself and others, that you possess the necessary knowledge and understanding, within the neuro optometric field.


The Academy aims to provide courses and training of professional quality, as well as offering a comprehensive exam, where the optometrist can test his/her knowledge and understanding.


Optometrists who go through this process can call themselves FANO: Fellow of Acadamy of Neuro Optometry.

FANO optometristes have been through a thorough training in Vision Therapy and Neuro Optometry, and have voluntarily undergone an extensive certification process.

In addition to this, they will also commit themselves to attend courses and seminars, in order to keep their knowledge updated.


Neuro Optometry has much to offer in areas such as poor eye teaming, strabismus and amblyopia.

Within the areas of visual problems related to learning difficulties, and as an important part of the rehabilitation program after brain injury, Neuro Optometry has proven to be an invaluable help.

Vision Therapy used in the proper way, can lead to a significantly better overall level of functioning, and thereby a higher quality of life.

On the other hand Vision Therapy may, if used without the necessary academic and professional background, at best be ineffective, and at worst it may cause unnecessary pain and discomfort.


The Academy of Neuro Optometry therefore strongly recommends optometrists to through this certification process.

We also advise our patients to use optometrists who have undergone a voluntary certification process.


Classifications for these optometrists are: Optometrist FANO or Optometrist FCOVD.


Where do I locate the nearest FANO?  Mail to the academy!

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